DIARY: Welcome 2018

Happy New Year to everyone who has been reading and following this - rather quiet - blog for the last 11 years. As I write this I am considering whether to retire it. In 2018 - my first full year as a full-time entrepreneur - my writing output was reduced on most fronts. What time I could spare between my two kids and actually delivering work to my customers had to be diverted to writing for my company blogs. It seemed rather trite - and down the list of priorities - to be writing about myself under such circumstances.

A few quick words on 2017 are in order to provide a wrapper on the few entries I did manage to produce and for those still curious where the various strings picked up and discussed here over the years currently stand. I will therefore provide some sort of summary of 2018 early this month but for now I will firstly wish everyone best of luck for their goals ahead this year.

As for myself the year will start mainly with 'catch-up' (closing of our 2017 business year and getting urgent work kickstarted) before 'reflection' - looking at where bigger course corrections are necessary to bring us forward. I'm a very different person than I was when I began this blog and with very different goals. The years 2015 to 2017 were bittersweet: the birth of our first child - Cillian - swiftly followed by my mother's death a few months later after a six months battle with liver cancer. Ada's birth this year saw the initial joy of her birth shattered within minutes when we were made aware of her diagnosis with Down Syndrome. For about 48 to 72 hours I found myself in the deepest and darkest place of thought and mind I can recollect. Eleven months later - now celebrating the fact that our girl is otherwise 100% healthy and thriving - this all seems so strange but we simply did not know the implications at the time.

Through our lives we do many things were we look back and think 'I wish I could have done better'. In 2017 I am at least proud to say that I will look back and say 'I'm surprised how quickly I put myself back in a positive frame of mind'. Years ago when I read 'The Power of Now', I found it the most important insight I had read in my life: that everything happens now and that resisting the world as it presents itself to us is the cause of all suffering and all resistance and disappointment. You deal with the world as it is and accept it instead - it's one thing understanding it. Once you begin to live it, life becomes essentially easier.

The future is full of uncertainty at the moment yet this does not vex or worry me to any great degree - we will navigate whatever straits may come. I wish you the same...