DIARY: Happy 50th...

My mission to mimic my 2012 training plan was ticking along nicely by the time I had finished my 95 minute run on the Murrough this Wednesday before heading to my fourth dentist appointment of the year to finish some work. 50 workouts had been completed in 50 days and I lined up to complete the week as the biggest of the year - hoping to notch a good 110 km.

I had felt a bit lifeless doing Fartlek with Torben Dahl on Wednesday but had put it down to him simply being much fitter at the moment. By Friday, I knew there was more to it as Cillian's cough and temperature had magically transferred to daddy and it was only getting worse as the weekend progressed. I got a bit of running in around my coaching of the Tinahely Running Group and then our own Handicap League race Saturday but by Sunday I was reduced to trotting 2 miles. Monday has not provided much encouragement and it looks like I need an easy week. I plan to use it as an opportunity - turn negatives into positives - a rest week and then resume the 2012 plan where I left it.

With 'number 2' meant to arrive any minute now my main priority is to get fresh for that event so I can be some use. In preparation, Cillian and I have moved into our own 'man cave' to leave mother and newborn some peace at night while allowing the 'two boys' to sleep through so we have something useful to contribute in daytime as well.

Truthfully, it's a real annoyance to have a good spell of unbroken training irritated by illness - the third over a 3 month period but it was in the cards. My dentist discovered the need for nine fillings after fixing two faulty root canals I had. One had caused me pain because the German dentist who put it in neglectfully left the tooth half-alive and the second cracked on a piece of home-baked bread (so bread really is bad for you). I had not believed the news about the 9 cavities when first alerted in 2014 due to a bad experience when I first arrived in Ireland. A dentist in Rathgar told me I had 9 fillings after having had none at my last check-up in Denmark. Going to another dentist, he told me I had one filling which shook my faith in the profession and left me permanently suspicious. But this time I had two different dentist corroborate what they had found and was eventually satisfied.

Extractions leave a large strain on the body releasing lots of bacteria into the system. On top of this the 9 fillings would have meant significant stress on my immune system - likely over a number of years. Together with the big jump in mileage this probably dropped my defenses just as Cillian's youthful infection was ready to pounce. On the plus side the restoration of my dental health should pay off hugely in extra reserves for training and living in the coming years. I sure regret drinking all those sodas and drinking my tea with three scoops of sugar in my teens, but such is the way of life - we have to pay for all our choices. The bad ones have no expiry date.

So a tough week but hopefully this will blow over soon and normal service can be resumed before detraining begins.