A number of month’s ago I got approached by a friend – top Irish runner Mark Ryan. Mark shared with me the ongoing plans to open a ‘Running Superstore’ – a one stop shop and centre of excellence for runners – a project he had begun with IrishFit owner Sean McFadden.

Mark knew our work with running technique and biomechanics well and wanted to know whether I would be interested managing the ‘Running School’ service – the coaching branch of the business.

The Running School debuted at the Marathon Expo

The chance to bring coaching and training to more athletes was impossible to pass up so we soon shook hands and I am glad to report that both the ‘Running Superstore’ and the ‘Running School’, located within it, will be opening their doors this Monday (2nd of November). The first few evenings are already booked out but go on the website and you can see when we’ll be there – during the opening months we will primarily open up for consults from 6:30-9:30 pm with early morning slots available on request as well.

Apart from bringing in our experience we will have a lot the best equipment available for technical and physical training: force plates, HD slow-motion video cameras, specialised ‘hard track’ treadmill, indoor tartan track, functional movement assessment tools and much more.

2015-10-25 17.29.26

Assessing normal foot function at the recent Expo

We had a busy weekend at the Marathon Expo with runners coming on and off our treadmill at a rate which almost burned off the belt (poor machine) and we have our fair share of runners booked in already for consults in the first period.

I will only post intermittently on the blog in the upcoming period as I want to focus more time on writing educational material for both Running School, ChampionsEverywhere and Primal3*.

New horizons

So we enter an exciting time and as if that was not enough I am beginning my studies as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist next year which will add another useful layer of practical skills to my personal mission: to unravel the mystery that is the human body and help play an important part in ending the injury scourge that plagues our community. We are entering an exciting time when the ‘biotensegrity’ theory and the ‘one muscle hypothesis’ along with game-changing advances in the nascent field of quantum biology (the study of how quantum level events – i.. movement of elementary particles -  influence our biology) prove to us just how little we really know about ourselves and our world.

Hope to see you at the ‘Running School’ – we will expand the list of services shortly and hope to do a series of introductory talks both ourselves and with interesting guest speakers whose ideas we feel compliment our own.