DIARY: ‘How can you eat like that?’

In a recent argument about the pros and cons of living a ‘lower carb’ lifestyle, I was met with the question ‘who’d want to eat like that anyway’?

A sample day

Leaving aside that what we want is usually different from what we need, I looked at this recent day in my life:

Breakfast: 4-egg omelette fried in butter/coconut oil with tomato, spinach and asparagus as well as drizzle of olive oil and a glass of spirulina/barley grass with lime juice and bitter lemon.

Brick of 90% dark chocolate with the morning coffee as ‘dessert’.

Lunch (after hard exhausting garden work): Salmon filet with onions, celery and courgette fried in crème fraiche, coconut butter and vinegar with mixed salad and a glass of freshly pressed carrot and ginger root

Dinner (after club workout): Steak with sweet potato, mixed vegetables and sweet potatoes.

Actually now I can see how this is pretty disgusting. Time to go back to  porridge or cereal for lunch, sandwich for breakfast and pasta with sauce for dinner….

After thought

 The reason this debate is going nowhere fast are manifold but primarily confirms a complete failure to look at how sunlight and other environmental factors, such as temperature, interact with metabolism, confusion of what constitutes ‘high’ vs. ‘low’ carb and a mix-up between ‘caloric deficit’ and ‘carb deficit’ and because the role of ATP is not as simple as understood currently in biochemistry and biology (as recent work in quantum mechanics have shown). These and many other known and unknown unknown does not stop very dogmatic positions on this. So be it. The search for the truth continues.

But without going into any of all the information I have encountered over the last year in particular, it can be partly narrowed down to this: ‘it’s more important in what environment you immerse yourself than what you eat’. Health and fitness does not start with nutrition or with exercise – it starts with environment. This is one of the main things we’ll be looking at in my new venture with Barry Murray and Jason Kehoe in ‘Primal3’.