DIARY: The watchless runner!

A rare lunch-time update…
It must be fate. I had a recent review my lifestyle and eating habits and one of the things that came out was ‘an over-exposure’to electronic gadgets. Or in other words – having to spend too much time in front of electronic equipment – mainly laptops - the 'office workers fry'.

A quick fix was putting in an ‘electronics fast’ from 8 pm to 8 am and try to step away from the equipment and go outside at least once per hour. 
Busy times doing workshops these last few weeks…

The Cult of Garmin

Just as I was considering toning down the electronics a bit it then seems divine intercession stepped in and smote my Garmin ForeRunner 310 with all its wrath. Whichever cause, the watch stopped working and I’ll now be watchless at least until Christmas. Probably for the first time since I joined the Cult of Garmin and runs began to only exist once they were uploaded to Connect rather than when they were simply ‘uploaded’ to the body and brain! It’s a bit like holidays or going to the bathroom – it wasn’t meaningful unless it was shared on Facebook. No doubt this will be healthy in a period where my fitness levels means that my training paces are not flattering.

So  the timing couldn’t be better. A month without the watch is just what the doctor ordered as I prepare for the new season. I have also booked in a holiday for myself and Aoife – 9 days on Gran Canaria with Andrew Walker of ‘Professional Hot Weather Camps’. I’m seeing that as a catalyst for the running season ahead – getting lots of sun, heat and fresh air and being away from as much technology and 'overstimulus' as possible.
Downhill cpature
Still running, although not recorded!

Cold thermogenesis for runners

With the winter cold approaching I have also taking to doing more cold dips to help with recovery. I always did cold showers, unless I was sick, but now do what’s called ‘face dunks’ most morning and evenings (sticking your head in very cold water – essentially), which is incredibly reviving and helps both waking up and getting to sleep, and managed three swims in the Glendasan River last week. This is getting significantly colder so it’s fair to say I don’t yet stay in for very long – but jumping off the edge into the cold shock remains a terrific buzz!
Earlier in the year doing ‘Aqua Movnat’ when the river was ‘Not-so-cold exposure’

In related news…

Otherwise, I have kept the blog quiet because its been busy as usual – Glendalough AC got ratified by Wicklow County Board after Yvonne Brennan and myself attended a meeting on the 3rd of December, our Thursday workouts are going very strong and while I still feel very unfit at least I can feel most of the old speed returning on the descents and we had another successful ‘Running form’ workshop at the Brockagh Resource Centre. We had made many changes to further refine the format based on the feedback provided by Susan McEntegart of Cornershop Gym, so going by early feedback the work was well worthwhile.

The new year will start with a flurry of activity: we are doing our second workshop with Barry Murray (which will now run under our joint venture name ‘Primal3’ – more about this in the next post but it went live on Ben Greenfield’s podcast the other day!) on the 10th/11th Jan and then jetting off to Dungarvan for our first ‘Running form’ workshop in Waterford. I am then jetting to Gran Canaria (pity me!) coming home to the first 2015 ‘Running Form’ workshop in Wicklow on 14th/15th February and then we will be preparing for our first workshop in Galway the weekend of the 21st/22nd February. AND, I expect to be moving house around that time (more on that later as well!). Ok, I got tired writing all that – so checking off for now….
Getting connected, back in summer…