TRAINING: The ‘Bar-Tar’ workout

A while since the last update. Workshops with Lee Saxby and Ido Portal as well as some of our own has kept me too busy doing stuff to write about stuff done (I owe reviews of both. I’ll get to it).

Six line review:

For now I fared much better than expected. Instead of being called a weak girl, as I expected, Ido said: ‘You guys don’t fool me. You are not just runners. You move too well. Runners are normally the worst.’ There’s a a compliment to store away in the mental trophy cabinet and then get strictly back to business.

<- Groupie photo shot with Ido at CrossFit Dublin two week’s ago for the Movement-X experience

Cerutty’s time has come

These next six months I am spending walking (or running) in the foot-steps of Australian coach Percy Cerutty. I will be following his ‘General conditioning’ period, which we call ‘General practice’, very closely with the Mourne SkyLine 35 km race as one of the key workouts. Having walked in Lydiard’s footsteps for 6 years its time to expand my experience horizon further.

Today was a very interesting bout of practice. Driving home from Dublin late I stopped on the road at Ballinastoe Wood and began what can best be described as a ‘Bar-Tar’ workout. The road at Ballinastoe is good old tarmacadem – very gritty and undulating with some sharp drops and rises.

Blowing off some steam on Brockagh Mt. with Jason after the first day of our ‘Running form’ workshop last weekend. We were going to take a second photo of me splattered on the rock surrounded by ketchup but forgot the latter.


The workout went like this:

  • 1 mile barefoot with a 5 kg fit-bar held overhead. Wrists the weak link, something to work on
  • 1 mile barefoot without the bar. What a relief!
  • 2 km in my VivoBarefoot Evo Pure shoes. Technique very strong and did they ever feel comfortable

I had started the day with a 5 minute squat routine out in the gravel yard in front of my house. I’m not a complete masochist so I threw a yoga mat between myself and the gravel. I just wanted to enjoy the sun.

Dave hurdle

Jumpy stuff with bars during Monday’s ‘Skill and Conditioning’ session with the CE runners

The last five days has seen some pretty substantial ‘jumpy’ work in preparation for our special workshop on the 13th September focused on jumping in the style of Verkoshansky’s ‘Soviet Shock’ method and not the diluted jumping around that get’s served as proper plyometrics today.

‘Puff the magic dragon’

Yesterday was particularly good fun – a short hill circuit on my drive way, mainly rhythm jumping with the fit-bar as well as some pulling exercises. The below photos (with some artistic license) shows the session! I capped up with a 5 km easy trail run and then finished off with 4 steep hill sprints with my rest consisting of what Ido Portal describes as ‘upper body’ sprinting – the quadrupedal movement known as ‘The Lizard’ up the hill. Haven’t not quite mastered the full Lizard yet, I use one of preceding moves shown to us in his workshop – in my own head I refer to it as a ‘proto-lizard’ and it basically combines a seamless transition between a side-plank, a crawl and a staggered push-up.

Puff the magic dragon

So that’s it for now – just a short update to prove I’m alive and well. More regular updates to follow I hope.