BLOG: Is back!

My blog went down due to changes in the way that Google hosts mid last month but I am glad to report it is now back and operational. My regular annual review will follow over the coming 24-48 hours but I wanted to wish all my regular readers a Happy New Year and I hope you are ready to take on your athletic ambitions for 2014.

As for myself, I slowly came back into what I would consider a “full routine”. The year 2013 was my lowest in terms of mileage for a while with 2128 kms completed – compared to 2700 in my “blue ribbon year” of 2012 or the 3023 in the madness of 2009. In terms of running form and quality they were undoubtedly my best – having all been run barefoot or in barefoot technology (I used Vivobarefoot Aquas and Breathos for all but a few runs. The remainder were done in a pair of Vibram FiveFingers I bought back in 2008) and I emerge a better runner, more fully prepared for what lies ahead.

It was also a year focused on sorting out everything while finding time for the demands of getting married and trying to get a bit more time to see family and friends – two parts of my life long neglected to make room for other commitments (thank you for your patience!). I finished the year in relative control and began to ramp up the volume of training to 75km in week 49 and 91km in week 50. I took an easy week over Xmas but ran on 6 out of 7 days and completed a gentle 42 km despite late nights and too much indulgence.

The New Year has started with great promise as I wrapped up my first week today* with 97 km on the clock and no complaints on the body. Again this was somewhat of a miracle after a 6:30 am finish on New Years Eve. If not for the “lowly” 6k I had to restrict myself to I would have been back over the 100km barrier where I am happiest. That’s for next week…

* My weeks begin on Sundays (with the Long Run) and end on the following Saturday with the most race-specific workout of the week

So, the blog is back and in the next entry, I’ll review the year from a purely running perspective before looking ahead at 2014.