DIARY: Day 1–on the keto-diet

My second day of keto-adaptation is over and when taking my blood test in the evening I had increased my blood ketones from 0.2 mMol/l to 0.4 mMol/L. My blood glucose levels rose from 4.5 to 7.1 which could be down to timing of dinner and/or greater glycogen depletion on Wednesday after the hard 18km run with Jason.

Food diaryDSCF0216

Below is a summary of what I have been eating so far. Note that the few carbs i get come from berries (low in sugar) and vegetables (low carb, starchy).


Workout: Fartlek (~5 miles)

  • Pre-breakfast: 1 cup of cream-tea (black tea, butter, cream)
  • Breakfast: 3 egg omelette (coconut milk, sip of cream,eggs, salt, pepper), cream spinach and leaf salad with olive oil
  • Lunch: “Steak sprint” from Pizzicato (sirloin steak rare with salad and cooked vegetables and mushrooms. No tubers)
  • Pre-workout snack: Handful of nuts, 200ml of Koko Dairy free (coconut drink)
  • Post-workout snack: Handful of nuts, last 50ml of Koko Dairy free
  • Dinner:
    • Berry smoothie (50g of frozen blackberries and strawberries, 1 cup cream, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon Killowen natural yoghurt, sip unsweetened almond milk
    • 1 tuna loin, cream spinach and salad
    • A cup of beef broth (hot)


It’s all in the blood!

By the late afternoon I began to get quite hungry, although not ravenous, and ate a handful of nuts and a brick of 99% dark chocolate.


Workout: No run (recovery day). Posture squat session (total of ~100 squats over several sets) and light plyometrics (drop jumps etc.)

  • Pre-breakfast: 2 cups of Roiboos cream tea (Roiboos, butter, cream)
  • Breakfast:
    • Berry smoothie (same as Day 1 with blueberries as well)
    • 2 sausages and 2 eggs with salad and olive oil
  • Lunch:
    • “Ice-berg wraps”: Iceberg lettuce with minced meat sauce (mince, peppers, garlic, onion, beef broth, olive oil, courgette, red wine)
  • Dinner:
    • More of the mince and lettuce
    • Small bowl of nuts and berries with cream
    • Cup of dark cocoa in unsweetened almond milk

A difficult day in some respects. I experienced very little hunger but was tetchy, irritable and my mind felt sluggish for much of the day, improving in the evening. No issues with exercise performance but it was low intensity. Saturday’s big workout will be interesting.

Too early to say much except that it was noticeably easier to organise this diet than my first foray into the Paleo Diet. Having already eliminated bread, porridge and other grain-based foods makes it much easier to take this additional steps.

To be continued…


Deek said…
Excellent post, where did you get the keto strip from?
John said…
After the recent health scares I wonder do you boil the frozen berries before makingf your smoothies?
Renny said…
hi Deek, my reply to you seems to have disappeared. i got the keto strips in a "Yourlocalpharmacy" shop at the Beacon South Quarter in Sandyford. The strips need to match the unit so each pharmacy may have different models (my one is called Optium FreeStyle)

I have been advised to sign up for parcelmotel to be able to buy strips off amazon.co.uk and get them shipped to Ireland.
Renny said…
hi John, I hadn't noticed those news until googling it after you let me know (ignorance is bliss).

Had I done this experiment around July I might have considered it, just as I would boil water if I knew that my pipeline had a confirmed contamination, but I won't be boiling berries for the rest of my life for what was likely a once-off contamination. Besides any food that is currently "safe" could be contaminated tomorrow - Aoife and I got a bad bout of food poisoning last year and we still have not identified the source.

Call it imprudent but I don't believe in living in fear when the risk may no longer be present and the disease is mild - I'd prefer not to contract it but on the off chance I do at least I'll get lifelong immunity!