TRAINING: Wake-up Wednesday

What a day. If I compared every day to today I would get depressed. A fantastic morning workout followed by a whirlwind of productivity at work and a great evening session. As I write this, I still have energy for spending another hour this evening on customer correspondence. Why can’t each day be so, anyway I digress…

Morning workout

In my attempt to masters the split vault and pass my MovNat Trainer exam I am trying to live and breathe around the Coillte gate that is 400m from the door of our house. I began as I do most mornings with squats and light body-weight exercises and mobility to prepare the body.

Then I decided to start with 15 minutes of focused vaulting so the most technical work was out of the way before I got tired. I still didn’t nail it but I felt I got closer.

My main session was a close repeat of Monday’s. I ran to the gate, vaulted it once, then ran back to the gate and jumped up into a tripod transition (which means jumping up onto the gate and settling into a squat, the tripod refers to the three points of contact – one arm and two legs). After ten squats on the gate, I would twist around so I faced length-wise on the gate (this is what we call a pivot turn) and then execute four different types of movements back and forth:

  • Balance walk (just walking on the gate focusing on getting onto one leg as quickly as possible)
  • Split-squat walk (similar to a lunge walk but with each foot placed right in front of the other)
  • Duck walk (essentially like sitting in a split-squat and moving forward without getting up into standing)
  • Cat-crawl (crawling on all fours with alternate hand and leg moving forward together. This is an amazing exercise for learning to stabilise your body)

At the end of that sequence I did what is called a “Depth jump” from the gate and then did 100m easy trot to catch my breath before jumping back on the gate and doing a “spider-crawl” side-ways across the gate, before crawling back on top, doing another depth jump and then starting again. Repeating this three times took me just over 15 minutes and I felt like a million dollars afterwards despite the annoying flies (should I shower before workouts?).

Afternoon workout

In the evening I did my usual preparation for running: more mobility work and rhythm jumps. I did another technical run (30 minutes bare foot out the Glenmacnass Road) before doing a short add on section on the steep hill in our garden (it’s a 20m slope of about 15% incline). I did very running specific work here:

  • 3 sets of 2-legged rhythm jumps, walk down recovery
  • 3 sets of 2-legged rhythm jumps with 5k overhead bar, walk down recovery

I was going to continue but I felt my body had enough for today, so finished with a cold shower to be fresh for the evening and am now looking forward to the kitchen dinner my lovely wife is cooking me.

“Wake-up Wednesday” is over, looking forward to “Toughen-up Thursday” fartlek with the lads and lassies in Marlay Park tomorrow. Don’t forget to join us at 18:30 at the south gate if you’re around and up for it!