DIARY: Wolverine healing factor

Within 72 hours of my last hill race, the body is almost completely healed up. Yesterday I felt a bit like “Wolverine” from X-Men, the body improved so fast. Stone bruises that used to take weeks to heal now seem to take days. I had the discussion with Richie on the Thursday night and we feel it makes sense – bones are much more organic than they seem and most of us will have weak bone density from a lifetime of soft footwear. That we can heal faster once we expose ourselves to the right challenges makes sense – it’s an adaptive response instead of the maladaptive response you get when you combine poor movement with footwear that impedes the natural mechanics of the foot.

Is it assault?

Given my complete lack of specific preparation this must have been one of the quickest recoveries yet. It’s funny because the fact that my feet got a few bruises seems very scary on the surface. But it reminds me of a clever answer Tony Riddle  gave when asked by an attendee about a new type of cushioned shoe. He said : “If I beat you up from the ankle upwards, I’d be charged with assault, enough said!” And that’s the whole point: as Dan Liebermann said it in his recent interview “we land like idiots” (i.e. in cushioned footwear). This means the feet are temporarily nice and comfortable but the price is you beat up the rest of the body. Thus assault! And thus this quick recovery because I did not, as in the old days, beat up my hips, knees, ankles (the list goes on).

Nice morning…

Today’s morning run went along without a hitch and I’m looking forward to the week ahead. To speed up restoring myself to fully ability I’ve been practicing the “Ido Portal squat clinic”. I would not recommend it to beginners but once you have been coached in correct squatting, foot mechanics, hip function etc., it’s a nice challenging progression of those skills and we have showed the method to some of our “workshop graduates” in last Monday’s session as they have been working on running specific drills that teaches those elements. It’s not something every runner needs but it does take your level of understanding of the basic movement of squatting – and foot, ankle and hip function to a whole new level and I certainly had some fun trying to teach myself the series.

New article on training at CE

In a related note I posted a new article on training advice at ChampionsEverywhere. I was prompted to write it because I was pondering the question “even with the best mechanics in the world, why do athletes make stupid decisions on their training.” The full answer is multi-facetted but in this article I tackle the way we gauge our training as being one big part of the issue: