DIARY: A running “detox”

Monday morning after your Stag weekend is not the best for lengthy exposition, so felt like writing a quick piece just to confirm I’m alive and share some quick thoughts on what you can learn from modern-world abuses!

Despite snow falling in Glendalough, I managed a short run in the morning, waking up early enough as Aoife had to risk the drive to the airport for a business trip. I heeded the weather warning and it allowed me to settle into work for the day after the run had taken some of the feeling of “poisoning” out of the body.

I repeated it in the late afternoon at the last lights of day, simply because I felt like it. The morning run had been very relaxing and sometimes you need to “over-compensate” to heal. It’s well-known that sweating is a necessary part of any detoxification strategy and doing it through exercise has obviously other benefits such as speeding up the metabolism, getting the blood flowing and releasing endorphins (natural pain-killers).

Orbana, chilli, garlic!!!

Since learning more about health from Tony I have became extremely concerned about the over-interventionism of modern medicine which shows the dangers of having knowledge so deep that the broad picture is forgotten. Essentially most health problems can be solved with proper advice on how to eat, how to rest, how to manage stress and how to move. So Nurofen’s and pain-killers are a no-no in my world unless it’s an emergency (such as a debilitating tooth infection say).

I prepared myself a beef stew with four cloves of garlic and plenty of chilli (probably a good thing I was working from home!) to further help the beleaguered system and also used about six sachets of Orbana during the weekend from the left-over stock. It remains the best hang-over cure I ever tried (and I tried many!) despite not being meant for this purpose!

Low weight and Paleo

Before heading to Hamburg I checked my weight and came in at the lowest since 2008 in 66.6kg with my body-fat percentage having plummeted to 7.5% and muscle percentage increased to a record 46.1%. I look in the mirror, though, and think “Whoa, Aoife’s marrying the Ghost of René”, so perhaps it would have been wiser to postpone my return to a Paleo-style diet until after our concerns about wedding photos and other “trivial matters” where out of the way!

It has not been plain sailing so far changing my eating patterns – weight-loss may have been a bit rapid and I’ve had symptoms that my body is struggling to cope with the detoxification effort that has to go with it and may still be carrying the after-effects of last years stomach poisoning.

Antibiotic assault

I’ve had antibiotics three times in recent years, much to much, and knowing what I have learned in the last year, I wish I had not put so much trust into our medical profession. Prescribing antibiotics without a 4 month programme on how to repair the gut after this assault just shows how narrow a definition of “health” GPs generally deal with and how little time, effort and education is spend into not just worrying about band-aid solutions but lasting health.

Together with the inflammatory diets our population eats, the stressors and the after-effects of anti-biotics and NSAIDs, our bodies are breeding grounds for diseases. We over-intervene and grow fragile – a breeding ground for fungus and other malaise. This concerns me and leaves me considering the need to go on an anti-fungal cure such as that suggested by Dr Jeff McCombs in the Candida Plan, an approach that helped cure one of my favourite authors – Robert Green, author of the 48 Laws of Power.

This won’t happen until after the wedding and honeymoon but could be my summer health project. Once done I would seek alternative cures to antibiotics in all cases except those that would be immediately life-threatening. It’s simply not worthwhile to have your entire intestinal health compromised for years just to kill off a quick infection.

Anyway, detox made me think this direction and part of that is an early night, so best “Sign out from here.”