DIARY: Easter-tide

I’m officially on “Easter holiday” from now until tomorrow after my breakfast. I’ve been a whirlwind of activity these last weeks after coming back from Kerry. Since getting my Vitamin D and selenium supplements and getting more time for training in, I’ve been re-energised and this allowed me to keep strong on four fronts:

  • Wedding planning and preparation!
  • Closing down all my work tasks and projects in the office before being gone for most of April
  • Getting all my “clients in a row” and shifting the most important work for ChampionsEverywhere as well as keeping some momentum on side-projects
  • Getting in training and running classes

Roadwork and Saturday client

I had  client in down here at Glendalough for 3 hours and after that did a good 12km of road-work on the Glenmacnass Road. I evaded falling into one of my old traps – I noticed that putting in a 10 miler would give me a nice round number of 50 miles for the week. Yet as I got started I could feel body and mind were not up for it after three hours of “mental gymnastics” and a tougher week than I’ve had in a while, so I opted to stay conservative with 12km. Coming into Sunday I changed my long run to a recovery run as I can get my long run in on Easter Monday. I woke up grumpy and had gotten grumpier as Saturday progressed.

I knew that it was a combination of calorie deficit and not having had time to take a step back in the previous 12 days. Friday turned out pretty frantic and I barely got time to eat. To add to it, all my meals those days happened to be a bit on the smaller side and lacking enough fat, so trying to pig out today although we don’t really have enough in the house to do it, so tomorrow I may go somewhere to indulge in a three course meal!

K2 and hydrochlorid acid

Otherwise, I’ve begun taking hydrochloric acid to help the long-term recovery from the antibiotics treatments I got last year and will also try to add in Vitamin K2. It’s a largely forgotten vitamin with huge importance for our health (it moves calcium from your arteries into where it is needed – muscles, organs and bones). Our ancestors had no need to worry about it because you get a lot from organ meats (which we don’t eat much). Other good sources are hard cheeses, fermented foods and eggs. I noticed that while I do eat eggs a few times per week, I have removed a very large proportion of dairy. This is all well and good for a hunter-gatherer getting plenty of organ meat, but I may have triggered an inadvertent Vitamin K2 deficiency. To test this theory, I’ll get a supplement for a period of time and see if I notice any difference and up my intake of eggs again.

The future

The wedding and honeymoon will be a break from “normal life” that I hope to grasp with both arms. There is a lot to do when I return on all fronts in my life – important things that will require focus and momentum and hard work, and that also includes maintaining my “keystone” habit of a regular running routine.

I made up a 7-year plan taking me to my fortieth year a few weeks ago and am very excited about it when I view it on paper. You cannot plan the specifics over such a long time but you can put in the general direction and high level milestones. It looks achievable even while balancing all the different balls of my life. The next priority will be to hone in on the balls that are most important and see it’s time to drop one or two on the floor and keep juggling only those that matter the most and are the most important in the grander scheme of things.

Oh yeah, and here’s me “fooling around with a rock” video, one of the many small ideas for putting more natural elements into my exercise regimen that I picked up from Tony Riddle and Ben Medder.