TRAINING: Marlay fartleks continue…

Yesterday, I did my first Max Aerobic Function test since I went purist on Tony’s training after the marathon. I ran 8 laps of the Upper Lake car park here in Glendalough at a heart rate of 143-144 bpm in my VivoBarefoot Aqua Lite shoes on the good tarmac path. I put in another 4km around that to make it 75 minutes “barefoot technology running” on the night.

The legs were a bit tender today after that when I met Jason and Amidou for a fartlek today. Everyone was interested in an easy session with Medium Long runs coming up tomorrow, so we did our drills together and then went for a 15 minute easy warm-up. I decided to go barefoot for the whole session as most would be on grass but we ran a few hundred metres on tarmac first to ensure we were not too sloppy with our form early on.

We began the fartlek with a lap of the bigger central grassy pitch and a game of “constant overtaking” (last man overtakes first man ad nauseaum) with ever faster pass-outs. After each “game” we did, we ran an easy lap. The second game was a steady “marathon-pace” run around the smaller grassy lap and then Amidou got to be in charge and he opted for a small lap of “10 seconds fast, 10 seconds slow”. Another recovery lap followed before Jason finished us off by suggesting we do 3x 2 minutes ever faster with marathon-pace first, then half-marathon and then 5km pace.

By the time all that was done we had a good 48 minutes of running in so decided to run easy up until the hour. We moved back out on the tarmac to reinforce good form late in the session again and the lads began playing around practicing hand-stands while I was doing my drills.

As Jason and I were about to embark in our cars, Amidou ran off. “I' don’t like all this extra training, he’s getting,” Jason concurred, “We’ll be like, but he’s doing the same training!”

Another enjoyable evening’s running in Marlay Park. It will soon be over as the night’s are getting darker, but feel much looser now and looking forward to tomorrow’s run.