For my regular readers, I thought I’d risk mentioning that I am hosting a one day workshop next Saturday close to the Phoenix Park called “Old School Running – get back to what worked”. We’ve rented good facilities at one of the local GAA clubs to ensure comfort during the brief theory sections and the indoor workshops. With the Phoenix Park on our door-step we have a good environment for outdoor practice.

It will be a workshop with a capital “W” were I will present how we have distilled the training approaches of Arthur Lydiard, Cerutty, Newton, Hebert and others into the ChampionsEverywhere coaching model. The focus will be on the physical side of training as well as how the “real champions” tackle the psychological and goal-setting aspects of running and keep themselves driven towards peak performance.

Through the day my plan is to work people through the entire process from finding out exactly what you want to do, understand what you need to do to achieve it, how to discipline yourself to then “go do it” and finally lots of information on how to execute the training and take you to the “tireless state” which Lydiard always spoke about and which Newton spoke about before him. We’ll look at plenty of other “old school concepts” such as Cerutty’s famous “uninhibited running”, the more modern “Running by feel” and how it all ties together.

The price of the workshop is €49.99 which leaves you ready to begin training at the end and it will last 8 hours. If you tell me “René love the blog”, I’ll knock 10% off that on the day (seriously, just say you read it, I’m way to Danish for the “l” word and I prefer a critical reader any day).

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