DIARY: Graduation day?

I’ll try a short blog post for once, to see how it feels like. Having left Snowdon inspired (as I always do, the international atmosphere and support has long defined what I want from running, so it is a good place to “tank up my muse”) and confident from the ease with which I could handle the hard descent, it’s been time to up the ante in training again.

60 minutes to graduation

One of the innovations I am most proud of in the ChampionsEverywhere coaching model is the system we’ve put in place to ensure that runners who are either injured, or who wish to revert to a natural running style so they can run more efficiently.

It’s very simple: once you get can run 60 minutes injury free, with no ill effects in the 72 hours afterwards, including niggles, you are ready to full-blown Lydiard schedule. From here we want to build you to 120 minutes which is the “true” starting point for the long runs but you can achieve much starting from 60 minutes with daily running and good technique.

34 minutes?

I had been running for 34 minutes in my VivoBarefoot Breathos yesterday on the trails of Glendalough when I decided for myself: “today you do the 60 minutes”. There had been something different about my running these last days. The sound of my footfall has changed from a “conk-conk” to a “pof-pof” and the surfaces I run on don’t seem to matter much anymore. The incredibly hard feeling of tarmac I experienced running in the footwear just 3-4 months ago, is gone.

I vaulted every gate I saw, it’s handy cross-training and a good dose of “anti-fear”, and finished the 60 minutes tired but elated. Today I scaled back a bit and did 6km no tarmac in my Aqua lites including 1km bare foot.

On Sunday, the quest for the Dublin Marathon begins, and my running form looks to be almost ready for the challenge ahead.