DIARY: Copenhagen marathon expo

Yesterday turned into a bit of a walk-about, as Aoife and I first went for a long walk with old friends of mine at the old harbour before trying the “harbour bus” system, an ingenious Copenhagen invention to reduce traffic in the city centre (Dublin needs it!) before another long walk to the Copenhagen Marathon Expo located in the old hall of athletics club Sparta, the organisers. This old facility lies in the shadow of “Parken”, the Danish national football stadium and while extremely busy proved to be a good bit smaller than the lavishness of the RDS and the Dublin marathon expo.


The Danish “Opera House”

The Irish make the newspapers

Both Barbara Sanchez and Barry Minnock got significant write-ups in the special supplement of liberal-newspaper “Politiken” (“The political”) and funny to see people I know from Ireland written up as part of a section on “the foreign elite”. Barry’s latest exploits in Hanover did not make the cut, so it will be very interesting to see how he does tomorrow given those fairly unique circumstances.


Aoife posing at the marathon expo

The Danes have a few hopefuls themselves such as Jeppe Farsøht who ran 2:18:47 in Rotterdam 2010. I was very close to having the standard necessary to join the “DM-field” (Danish Championships) just behind the elite. Hopefully very soon the work will pay off, just looking at the well-organised starting line, you clearly would get a much better race experience having the dedicated access to those pens. At least time markers will be in place for the main field as well, as I don’t want to waste too much time being aggressive.


A scorching day at the harbour with endless cafes all filled to the brink!

Going on last years performances I should finish somewhere between 50th and 70th if everything goes well, so I cannot get caught up too far down.

No more wandering

We are going to a famous breakfast place called the “Laundromat” today which I visited years ago and have been dreaming about since. This should be our last longer walk as my legs were actually very tired after yesterday’s constant walking and standing, so there’s still a lot of “zoo-human” left in me that II find this activity unusual but it makes sense when a lot of my days are spend with 8-12 hours of sitting.


Futuristic Danish architecture

My face is already like a red tomato, so there’s no escaping that it will be warm tomorrow and I’ll need to be prepared for it. This means minimal to no warm-up, Lorraine Moller-style, and let the initial miles do that work. My core temperature needs to stay as cool as possible for as long as possible.

Flat flat flat

On the positive side, after having walked along many parts of the route, I still have still not felt like walking up a hill, so it seems that the route truly is very flat.

My parents arrive today and we plan to go to “Bakken”, a breathing space outside Copenhagen, for most of the day. I hope to just kick up my legs today whenever possible and really relax. We’ll go for a healthy, not too heavy meal tonight. Yesterday we wandered for an hour before finding a place as the Thursday public holiday meant every place was incredibly busy. Most places are also very pricey so we were very lucky eventually settling on the Greek restaurant “Eros” which had a distinct menu. I went for the pheasant with saffron and vegetables before allowing myself a greek nut cake and the Greek coffee (very similar to Turkish), in my opinion, far and away the best way to prepare a cup of coffee. Normally I would not take caffeine this close to a race, so I will stay “good” today and stick to tea.

Right, off for breakfast!100_0053

Rene with Tintin, guess who’s who!