DIARY: Copenhagen countdown–T-2

Two days to go and Aoife and I have touched down in Copenhagen. We arrived late yesterday, but not so late that we could not catch last orders at an Italian restaurant and a glass of Montepulciano wine (a new favourite here I think!) to help put us to sleep.


As it proved we needed any aid sleeping we can get because Copenhagen is about to turn scorching. We awoke first at 5:25 (4:25 Irish time) having gone to bed at 00:25. All was bright and the heat in our hotel room like a sauna. We raided the mini-bar for water bottles (I know, what happened to us!) before trying to get back to sleep but I’d wake up again thrice before I decided it was time to go have a cold shower and steam off.

When I first woke this night I was dreaming of wandering a Danish super-market aimlessly in search of cold fruit drinks (I seemed to reject anything not mango or passion fruit) which shows the power of the mind. Waking up I was positively parched!

Aoife suggests we move hotel rooms as we are on the sunset side of the hotel and I think I’ll heed her advice. “We cannot afford you getting sun-stroke before the race,” she reasoned. Degrees look set to hit 20-22 with very little wind.

First, though, we’re meeting old friends for brunch and then my family members begin to arrive over the next days starting this afternoon. Despite the race on Sunday we’re hoping to go out this evening although we’ll keep things modest. In the meantime, we’ll do some sightseeing with my friends and hopefully cap off the afternoon visiting the marathon expo.

How do we see your times?

The Copenhagen marathon has a great feature which I have signed up for that your splits are directly posted to Facebook. Aoife will also be receiving a text with my half-marathon split to her phone. All in all, the race looks very organised so far and I hope to post about the Expo here later.

For now the only guarantee seems to be that I’ll get a suntan during the race.


Tim said…
Good luck.