RACES: Triple triumph at Ballycotton ‘10’

Narrowly missing out on breaking the 1 hour barrier and just finishing a dozen spots away from the “top-100” finish t-shirts does not sound like a very successful Ballycotton ‘10’ but I have returned from Cork with massive positivity and confirmation that after 5 weeks of introductory training and four weeks of quality aerobic training, my fitness is returning, perhaps for the first time in 4 years, to full strength.

Net results: I broke my 10k PB twice (on the first 10k and again on the last) as well as my 5 mile and set a very respectable first time for 10 miles in 60:32. A 22-minute “plod” at 4:27 pace afterwards would have broken my half-marathon record as well, something well in the cards, if I’d had the chance to ease off the furious finish for a few seconds, so sub-80 minutes should be well on after this if I stay out of trouble.

A long drive to get back home this evening, so full report to follow tomorrow…