DIARY: The tough days

I had a feeling today’s run could be a chore: very busy day at work, increased resting heart rate in the morning and just a slight “lack of motivation” throughout the day.

So I opted to hook up with Jason, who is recovering from his niggle, and do some laps of Tymon Park. During the first lap, we ran into Richie as well who then joined us for the remainder of the lap. The chat was a great help but time still felt like it was creeping slowly for some reason. I picked up a bad bloody blister on the right foot, which I need to fix and every now and again I get sensations from the ankle that warn me that I need to thread very carefully over the next day. This is the time where I can either push it over the edge or stay on the right side and help it grow back stronger.

After Richie left us, Jason and I ran together for an hour before he headed back to the gym (and his beloved sauna!) close by. I was a bit down on my target pace of 4:49 min/km although running mainly on undulating grass in the dark probably slowed us down. Feeling fine, I sped up a bit on the last 30 minutes to finish the planned 18.6km in 90 minutes. Yesterday, I had purposefully kept my pace very much on the slow side and done an easier day of 9km in 45 minutes in the dark around Glendalough. So far a positive start to the second week of training, now I just need to make sure I don’t cause any new problems with my ankle.

Back at the gym, I popped into the sauna to relax for a bit. Jason was still there and lambasted me for the visible layer of stomach fat I’m still carrying! The coach has to set an example: if not in performance then in attitude and always be willing to do what he asks his athletes to do. I’m upbeat about it though, any visible fat should burn off in a month or so and that’s free seconds for each kilometre right there.

Afterwards, a long drive home and didn’t return until 22:30. A bit too late as I like to be in bed by then normally. The drive home is always a poor recovery from a run which means I always try to do some toe squats and other light exercises to ease back out afterwards.