DIARY: La Santa Sport

Less than a day to go before Aoife and I are heading to that training mecca that is Club La Santa Sport on Lanzarote in the Canaries. We had a terrific week of training and holidaying there last year and expect this year to be every bit as good.

This means a welcome break from computers and other digital gadgets and while the experience does not have the simple austerity of a Kenyan training camp it nevertheless allows you to train 4-5 times per day while getting plenty of rest. Circuits, swimming, races, yoga, pilates, boxing and other activities can be cherry-picked like meals off a menu and it begins on day 1 when you get the weekly schedule full of inviting tick-boxes.

So the Blog will be silent for a week or so, I am hoping this training week will kickstart my body after injury and flu and back into the sort of shape necessary to start my marathon training.