DIARY: More laser, more treatment

I have been laser more often than Han Solo over the last few years and today I got another bout courtesy of a cancellation appointment with Dr Leahy at the Laser Centre.

He found some small pockets of fluid in my ankles and estimated that the constant irritation/re-irritation of the area is most likely from a certain degree of calcification, a condition he sees regularly. To finally try and eradicate the condition, he anesthetized both my ankles before firing an absolute barrage of high-powered light into the joint. This was far and away the longest session I have had so far and the most aggressive treatment since he cured the remnants of my plantar fasciitis. I was asked to ease into it over the next ten days, advice I will take. Having only run twice since the Dublin Novices I am no longer in a hurry. The cross-country season is largely over for me, so I am better off focusing on rebuilding for the Copenhagen marathon in May 2012. Perversely, by getting in two races I did as well as most years!

My regular source, the Laser Centre webmaster and coffee shop owner (now there’s a job!), told me on the way out that even the laser has a difficult time providing rapid recovery for ankle injuries. It is an insidious area to get to heal. Sadly it is also a fundamental part of the movement jig-saw and without it very few movements are possible. I still cannot know with absolute certainty whether it is calcification or rheumatoid arthritis (or both) but we can rule out tendonitis. All lower leg tendons looked strong and healthy.