DIARY: Arthritis Cure?

I am coming around to the way of thinking that cutting people open, irradiating them, poisoning them, or giving them a strange chemical with side-effects may not really be the best approach to the long-term health of our population, or myself.

Currently I go to great lengths cleaning up my life-style and bringing myself back to paleolithic standards. It is a step by step, but I am getting there. I have gotten particularly fascinated by Dr. Andrew Saul writer of numerous books and owner of www.doctoryourself.com.

Following in the footsteps of Dr. Max Gerson, he claims that mega-doses of the right vitamins, fresh vegetable juices and otherwise organic largely vegetarian diet can prevent and reverse the majority of illnesses and ailments even cancer and cardiovascular disease.

To test their convincing proposition (seen in documentaries such as “Food Matters”, “The Gerson Miracle” and “Dying to have known”), I have decided to embark on their arthritis treatment:

   *  Eating primarily raw food diet including cultured dairy products such as cheese and yogurt
    * 75 to 300 mg B-6 daily, preferably with a B-complex supplement
    * Niacinamide (essentially a “version” of vitamin B3) every two hours or so, up to a thousand milligrams or more daily
    * Vitamin C to saturation (as much as the body will hold without loose bowels)

I am already taking around 4000%-5000% of the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) of vitamin C) at the moment and plan to increase this further as it has caused no negative side-effects (as expected). The stated doses above will constitute 23000% RDA of vitamin B6 and 5556% RDA of B3, so as you can see there is a reason most clinical studies would fail to show any any effects from vitamin dosing. This sort of dosage is simply very rarely used and the myth is propagated that vitamins are toxic in high doses such as these (fat-soluble vitamins seem to be potentially able to cause overdoses, but in the 17 of the last 25 years there has been no reported cases of even suspected vitamin overdoses in the US, whereas there was 147 deaths from aspirin poisoning alone in 2003).

Some clever shopping has allowed me to order the necessary dosage for this type of mega-loading (not otherwise easily done) so it will be interesting to see the effect when I begin. Buying high quality vitamins is important as some are buffered with materials that do not digest easily enough and means the vitamins pass straight through the parts of your digestive system where they need to be extracted. Essentially the pill just carries it in and out of your system!

The use of Recommended Dietary Allowance has caused a lot of damage through being perceived as a limit by some. In fact, the RDA is simply the minimal nutritional considered sufficient by the Food and Nutrition Board in the US during WW2. There is another measure called Upper Tolerance Limit (UL) which show the maximal level that has been proven to be non-toxic to humans. These levels are 2000mg for Vitamin C (I’m well above this), 100mg for Vitamin B6 (I’ll go to 300% of this) and 35mg for Vitamin B3 (I’ll go to at least 3000% of this).

Given the loss of nutritional value in our food over the last five decades and the amount of vitamins and minerals destroyed by the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis (mercury-fillings, chlorine in water, smoking, alcohol, stress and other modern-life staples all burn of vitamin C as an example), there is a high likelihood that the majority of our population are nutritionally deficient. At the same time, they likely have a caloric surplus further exacerbating an already bad situation. If anyone wonders why so many of us are sick, tired, or otherwise suffer ailments, look no further.

Experiment to be continued…


Kevin said…
I was trying to think of something convincing to explain how that doctoryourself website is quackery, but the website itself saved me the trouble with its disclaimer: "WARNING:
This website contains controversial scientific ideas
that may be of an offensive nature
to some well-educated persons."

You'd do far better to read the likes of http://www.badscience.net/
Renny said…
Hi Kevin,

Most websites have to show those disclaimers whether they believe their statements or not to avoid legal issues.

I recommend watching Food Matters before dismissing this.

Since watching it I have done a lot of reading and at this point I am convinced to the level that if I contracted cancer today I would refuse chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It seems quite clear that at best it would just serve to kill me quicker. In hindsight, it is interesting to look back 15 years when this is exactly what happened to my grandmother.

Provide the body with enough of the correct nutrition and its own healing processes will kick in. My early experiments have already have transformative effects in terms of energy levels and other physiological changes. When in doubt, experiment. And trust no one. Least at all those funding the same research proving the medicine you buy. Prozac was claimed to have no side-effects until the patent ran out. Then the manufacturer created a new drug and to prove it was different said it didn't have the side-effect they had denied the original prozac had all along. What science is the worst? Proposing you fill yourself with drugs that are almost certainly harmful to you, or attempting to hyperdose on healthy nutrients?