DIARY: Return to Star of the Seas

Exciting day tomorrow ahead as I return to the site of my first ever cross-country race at Star of the Seas in Stamullen, Co. Meath. This is a real old-school cross-country festival that really got me sold on the discipline and despite having done a 5k trail race with Crusaders the day before, I still managed to finish 35th of 45 in 24:09 for the very bumpy six kilometre course. That, of course, was 2007, and with four years of, albeit, inconsistent training, I should run a lot better tomorrow and will be joined by fellow Crusaders Amidou and Jason as well as Sli Cualann’s Tony Collins from my training group.

I hope to get a race report up but this weekend has very much been dedicated to furiously writing material and content for the ChampionsEverywhere website so we can get down the temporary splash page and get the full site up in all its (we think) glory. While you wait, I try to keep our Facebook page updated as much as possible with relevant information.

Training has been very tough this week. Too jetlagged still to train in the mornings, I had to do all my sessions against the fading daylight as I leave work relatively late. With a one hour commute each way, time is very precious, and returning between nine and ten leaves less time than I would like for my coaching duties and other running related activities (as well as that elusive thing, rest?). I had been blessed the last month with unprecedented levels of energy after changing diets and beginning my testing of ProArgi9, Mistify and PhytoLife from Synergy but even these products could not stop the havoc of the West-East jetlag. I have slowly weaned myself back to humanity through good food and vitamin overdosing.

But train, I did, an interesting week with a very hard hill circuit with Jason on Tuesday (in retrospect our sprints were to brutal), a good 85-minute run on Wednesday and a mixture of hill session and a 3k cross-country time trial Thursday. I did a relaxed 40-minute jog as my recovery day before revving my engine ahead of tomorrow’s race with the same 10x100m stride session I did before the National Half. Seeing my times coming down between 15-17 secs rather than 17-20 secs is a heartening sign that my raw speed is on the way back. As my aerobic phase was not as good as planned, I buffered this with more than 7km of extra easy running and felt the better for it.