DIARY: From Festival to National Half

So much to report from the last few weeks yet so little time with a work trip coming up shortly and the launch of the ChampionsEverywhere.com website in September.

On my annual trip to my homestead of Tonder in the marshlands of South Jutland, I finally found the cure for hangover (I had none despite five days of late nights and festivities at the 37th Tonder Folk and Roots Festival). It involved heavy usage of Orbana and other remedies, and I’ll share the secret with you when I get the time!

With our Volunteer Party only finishing on Monday evening late (to the tunes of the many musicians who had stayed to play for us (such as The Dubliners, Coast, Skerryvore, and “Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three”), I had four days to get fit for the National Half-Marathon. I have no goals for this race except to help Crusaders get a team represented (which we will have). I want a good hard long training run and if I can finish within five minutes of my previous best I would have a reasonable indicator that I can rebuild sufficient fitness for a new assault on my PBs in late autumn.


To enact a “crash-course”, I did a fast 10k on Tuesday followed by a reasonably good 20km on the bumpy trails of Glendalough in roughly 90 minutes. This left me hopeful to do a fast 5k on grass Thursday but my flight home triggered the strange condition of aerosinusitis which is a painful inflammation and bleeding of the frontal sinus (in my case the left) which caused massive headache and slight sight disturbances. I decided to rest it out and the final preparations are now a set of 10x100m strides this evening with some jogging to buffer it. The symptoms are almost gone now and I’m hoping to still feel reasonable well tomorrow.

Supplement review on ChampionsEverywhere

The recent supplement that I am testing has transformed my energy levels and well-being beyond all expectations, in fact, it made me so inspired I have completely changed my eating patterns and habits to maximise the benefits. This is another thing I’ll write about in detail but this product review will be one of the first to appear on www.championseverywhere.com instead of this blog.

If you go visit, please note we still have our old splash page up at the moment as development is now in the finishing stages and we hope to start testing for a mid to late September launch. From the start the website will give our fellow athletes a chance to purchase Orbana and

Lydiard Certification

For the latter we’ll be imparted with some of the best wisdom in the business when Jason and I travel to Boulder to attend the opening Lydiard Coaching Seminar where there’ll be some real notaries present both to learn and to speak. I’ll be posting some details about the course and the attendants on our Facebook page over the weekend.

After Boulder, work takes me to Reno in Nevada for a week and it’ll be an interesting challenge to balance the busy schedule there with the cross-country training as I hope to be back running 100km plus weeks again by that time. This year has been another long and frustrating road, but it has also been the most instructive of all which I remain confident will benefit in the long-term.