ARTICLE: Half-Marathon route comparisons

I thought it could be fun to compare all the half-marathon distance races I have done (most of which are here on the island) to see how they compare in terms of ascent (lowest ascent to highest):


Unsurprisingly those over real trail and mountain are much much tougher and Connemara’s half comes out as the toughest with Dublin and Achill running it close. The Strawberry looks faster if you went only be ascent while the new Waterford Half-Marathon course is clearly a very fast course compared to all of these.


Colm O'Cnoic said…
Data collected from GPS?

My run out the coast to Bull Island usually picks up 120-190m when I'd say the climb is closer to zero.

Although, saying that, the GPS altitude tends to be more accurate in the mountains.
Just some food for thought.
Renny said…
You need to use the correction figure in the Garmin to get correct readings. All the above readings are consistent with the amount of climb experienced on the routes if you look at the maps.

For the Wicklow Way Leg 7 consider that this climb is spread over twice the distance of a normal mountain race so doesn't feel as steep.