DIARY: Lakeland Holidays!

The blog will be quiet for a while which is a pity for I have a lot to write about including the very interesting myoreflex therapy I got in Greystones yesterday – a new strain of physiotherapy first researched and developed in Germany 20 years ago. I’ll write more about the clinic owner Hagen and the technique upon my return.

Also, there are more books to review such as the three barefoot books and the newest two gems in my collection, fresh in from New Zealand yesterday: “No Drums, no Bugles”, Snell’s 1965 biography, and “Run for Your Life – Jogging with Lydiard”, another original that birthed the jogging movement in the world.

But, of course, this weekend is all about Snowdon and I am taking the Irish team over later today for what will hopefully be a successful joust in one of the best fields in years. Then we look onwards to my own challenge – the Lakeland 50 Miler a week later.

Anyway, can’t stay writing, time to be off!