So it happened, another year slipped away, not so quietly, as the wheel of time turned thirty-two on me and the veterans division in athletics now lies only three years yonder.

Some interesting presents came my way, some of which I shall review here, but not the most spectacular one: An antique school desk with an impressive top plate. This will go nicely in the office and help me plan further world domination.

A set of interesting books were also purchased “from Rene to Rene” among them “Natural Running” by Danny Abshire (founder of Newton Running), Relentless  Forward Progress – “A Guide to Running Ultramarathons”, and Barefoot Running – “Step by Step” by Ken Bob Saxton. The latter already looks particularly impressive as it shows why most people fall to adopt barefoot running. There’s more to it than just taking off your shoes. Full reviews to follow.

Then Kevin O’Riordan reminded me on Facebook about my injury-history from 2006 to 2011 and when I showed Aoife her blunt reply was “That’s pathetic”. She’s right, but in celebration of my birthday and expectancy of an injury-free future, here’s the roll of honour:

  1. Sprained ankle – hobbled of Lugnacoille race in 2006 and didn’t run again for five months
  2. Torn meniscus – tore meniscus trying to chase down Aoife on Stepaside 2006 descent. Out 7 weeks
  3. Heel bruise – suffered a heel-bruise coming off Snowdon in 2007 in Mudclaws. Ignored it
  4. Plantar fasciitis – Heel-bruise turned into full-blown plantar after Dublin Marathon and Powerscourt Ridge double in Autumn 2007. Subsided only in 2009
  5. Sprained ankle – went over on foot trying to impress Aoife with my descent off Fairy Castle in March 2008
  6. Another sprained ankle – sprained ankle in training ahead of World Long Distance 2008
  7. Patellar bursitis – jarred knee on tarmac descent at Ticknock during winter training run with Sharlene. Out 5-6 weeks
  8. Bruised knees – fall badly on both knees at Howth Summer 2009. Two weeks out
  9. Metatarsal tip pain – suffer early stages of stress fracture in left foot after first, too drastic, attempt at Lydiard base training in Autumn 2009. Out 8 weeks
  10. Posterior tibialis – hear a tear over my calf towards end of Brockagh 2010 trying to sprint past Torben Dahl in zigzags. Recurring problem to this date.
  11. Osteitis pubis – start having core pain in summer 2010, diagnosed as osteitis pubis after Snowdon. 3 months out
  12. Subtalar join sprain – sprain my midfoot running fast down a trail in week 4 of base training, January 2011
  13. Midfoot sprain – Midfoot sprains as a result of subtalar joint sprain in following weeks
  14. Shinsplints – overloaded left shin due to foot sprains in early Spring 2011
  15. Achilles tendinitis – jarred achilles during 5-mile tempo run in Glendalough. Out five weeks and counting…

In addition there’s a few more sprains I can’t place! So happy birthday joints and here’s to a better next 32 years for you!


Kevin said…
I hope she wasn't referring to my comment with "That's pathetic". I didn't mean to cause offence.
Renny said…
Haha! No she meant my injury track record was pathetic! Your comment was rather amusing and glad it made me tally it up - not that I wasn't taking it seriously before but when you see it like that, it makes you think.