TRAINING: 5 Mile Time Trial

I set out this evening to do a 10k time trial at a controlled high intensity. I intended to hit 37:30 as my recent running suggests I could do that comfortably enough. As a bonus, I have long wanted to rid myself of my antiquated 38:28 PB on the distance (which I ran twice) so I can focus on a more precise target.

So I loaded up on a sachet of Orbana which had served me so well at the Intermediate Cross-Country in Adamstown in winter, did my warm-up and set away. I stayed on target for the first 2km but then noticed I had to work too hard to maintain a pace that would struggle to reach the original goal. That’s not the purpose of the Progress Calibration Runs in the Lydiard system, so I just held steady and decided to see where this was leading.

By the fifth mile I looked down and saw “30:57” and while I had a few more in me, it was very hard work now, so I thought “if you were going to work harder than this today, you should have gone and done the race”, remembering the gorgeous decent on the new Ballinastoe route which I had checked out on Saturday. So without a second thought, I just stopped and jogged home. I’d done seven laps of the Glendalough Upper Lake car park, which surprisingly featured 209m ascent but spread over 5 miles that is flat enough of course.

I came home to the great news that Aoife had taken her first Leinster League win since her return from the injury that struck her the winter after she had won the league last. While it doesn’t rank up there with the cross-country medals this winter, it was still heartening to see and somehow made everything seem like it had come full circle. And to think the season is only beginning for all of us.

Now, to bed, to see how the body responded to this anaerobic dose. This morning my resting HR was elevated by 17 beats (54bpm) so the virus still lurks in my system. Yet, it’s been a satisfying week of “Coordination” training. Despite the relatively low volume, four days have gone by out of seven and 55km are in the bank.