My third flat intervals session of the season fell behind me at Marlay Park yesterday. It was a six course meal, as in six repeats of 1000m length on the fast but lightly undulating grass.

The evening was lovely and cool despite the sunshine and I welcomed any help not even desperate foam-rolling has been able to fully dispel the stiffness from my calves. I had to ensure my glutes did most of the work anyway, but quickly felt that power came at a slightly higher cost today than in the two previous interval sessions.

Having done 400s first, then “860s”, the 1000s were longer and so was the recovery which was once again equal in length to the hard repetition. I realised after the first repetition that this was too long at jogging pace, I had time to fully recover, chat to Brian Furey, out for an aerobic run, and be more than rested by the time the second repetition came around.

Lydiard may have solved this problem by increasing the speed of the 1km recovery but my lower legs concerned me a bit so I decided to cut the recovery to 500m for the remaining repetitions to spare them a bit. With warm-up and cooldown, it was still a 17km day instead of the planned 19km. Where there is Lydiard there is volume…

Time-wise I hit targets well beating my target of 3:41 handily with average pace of 3:33min/km (fastest suggested pace was 3:30min/km). Using the VDOT predictor I have designed for these sessions, however, it was my poorest performance with the 400 session having predicted 59.9, the 860s 60.9 against 59.85 today. All three performances are around the same ball-park, however, and consistent both with my aerobic performances and my planned half-marathon goal for June.

One more interval session remains, a hill session on Thursday, and then I enter the Coordination phase. Because of my injury, this is less intervals done than hoped, but there should be plenty of time to do more during racing season after I have reached my first peak performance of the season.


paul said…
I have responded to your comment in your previous post rene and forgot to say as per the rules I posted my intention to attempt the run on the IMRA forum. Think I need to bump it back up the pile before next weekend.