DIARY: Running against the flu

Glad to report the worst of my flu fell behind me by Friday last week but it ended up costing me another week, the sixth of the twenty-one so far in this twenty-four week cycle, or a quarter of the total.

Despite this and the fact that I still had a good old snotty nose, sore throat and a weird feeling in my veins that “something’s still sniffing around in there”, I had no problem comfortably running splits a good 10-20 seconds under what I did early in the season for my fartlek workouts. Breathing was comfortable, heart was untroubled and the legs acted as if they hadn’t done that long Leg 5/Leg 6 recce with Jason, Des and Tony on Sunday.

I had been understandably worried about that 28km and 1100m ascent undertaking and justified myself to Des thus: “…I figured I would feel sick for the last 30km of the ultra in July anyway, so just as well get the practice in.” I needn’t have worried, though, despite feeling a bit warmer than normal throughout, I had no problems on the climbs except the usual hip stiffness towards the end and felt positively spritely towards the end, as did most of the group (so much so that one of our group took a spill, but I won’t mention names here!).

I loved the route change on Leg 6, it has improved the leg greatly by taking out a big swathe of tarmac and adding in a lovely grassy trail to rest your legs on. So all in all, things looking up. I lost the Powerscourt Uphill race and will need another week before I can risk a race with the virus still in the system, but I still feel indefatigable and confident to be peaking at the right rate.