DIARY: Garmin HR monitor issues…

Went out for my “easy” Friday session of ten 100m strides with 300m easy running in between. It’s a lovely way to stretch the legs and work on running form, feeling how muscles start activating better for each repeat, glutes firing, feet skipping ever more swiftly over the wet grass.

Unfortunately, not everything was so smooth, my Garmin ForeRunner 310XT is a fantastic watch, it has all the best features of the 3xx series and is free of the difficult to use bezel. On the surface the new heart rate monitor looks better too and is more pleasant to wear but again and again it returns ridiculously high heart rates (230 upwards). Jason related to me that he had heard this was the result of static electricity from the friction from technical tops (I hope this is not true as it is some oversight given how much workout is done in technical tees!).

I have not been able to deduce a pattern but it seems the only way to make the HR monitor work properly is to wear a compression top to remove all friction. This is quite annoying especially as the weather heats up and wearing these becomes less comfortable.

A friend of mine has come up with a brilliant invention back in Denmark which could solve this problem once and for all but in the meantime, this is something I hope Garmin will be able to sort out for the next version.