DIARY: Kevin shows the way

Finally it seems I am out of the woods, a slight concern remains as I can trigger some irritation by pulling my foot as hard upwards as possible but that is the only time I now feel any discomfort so I have been returned to running.

Friday was my first “real” run back as I decided to just set out at normal running pace. I quickly found myself doing seven-minute miling at a good relaxed rhythm, so set myself the goal of running 5k if the leg would take it. It did, still nothing, so I continued along my standard course thinking that I’d do 10k and just keep this pace as it would make a nice workout then given the short duration. At the very end I felt a little bit, but it quickly passed and I returned home safe in the knowledge that I am almost there.

Saturday and Sunday were quite disrupted because of travel to a wedding unfortunately, and after a week of poor sleeping this took its toll, but despite this I returned late Sunday intent on doing some form of longer run.

My gaze turned up Kevin’s Way. I always run 2km out and back from the house as a 4km “warm-up” to my aerobic runs (which I struggle to get up to sufficient length without throwing in little detours such as this). I have long wanted to see more of “the Way”, so decided to just plod easily out the way for as long as I felt like.

It was a great feeling on a beautiful day to be running upwards to Glendasan where you are truly surrounded by spectacular mountains on all sides – Camaderry to your left, Brockagh, Tonelagee and Silsean right.

My leg had no complaints with the ups and downs, nor with the rocks, and I found myself simple enjoying the sense of venturing into, if not the unknown, then at least virgin paths for me. Once I passed the old ruins at Glendasan, I checked out most of the side-trails and roads deviating from Kevin’s Way to see where they led. The Way is slightly poorly sign-posted in places and you have to spend a bit of it on tarmac.

Pay-off is great, though, once I took the rocky path left off the main road to Hollywood, a path winding first inwards and then back west leads to a splendid trail on the inside of a small conifer forest. I did not have time to venture much further out, but the path reminded me a bit of parts of the dirtier trails at Prince William’s Seat.

Returning with sun-dawn chasing me, I completed a good 15km hill run with no ill-effects and with a mind much refreshed by the mountain scenery. Kevin’s Way will see more use, that is for sure, it’s only drawback being the descent off the rocky steps after the ruins, which is not something you want to have in all training sessions, but if the first 2.5km are used as a warm-up and cooldown, the rest of the way would make for a good consistent run.

Now I transition back on a slightly easier schedule and hopefully this latest injury will soon be only a memory.


Colm O'Cnoic said…
As you get up by Glashaboy bridge, the trail gets fairly muddy.
Good grip shoes over road runners.