DIARY: Kerry Training Weekend

Another quiet week for the blog, these are busy times!

I am enjoying a good spell of activity at the moment with some great Tuesday sessions so far, several of which I have taken part in myself this year. I particularly enjoyed our grassy intervals on Tuesday where Zoran and I could help each other set a solid pace throughout. It’s been so long since I did intervals with company I forgot how enjoyable it is!

5 miles – a good start

So I am back running two weeks now and no danger signals in sight. Fitness seem to be progressing well, especially going by Tuesday and Wednesday’s runs. The Kerry Weekend ahead won’t only be a great social affair but should really give a quick injection of fitness so close to the racing season.

And speaking of racing, my first of the season is finally nigh as I will take the start at the Good Friday Run in Killarney, my first attempt at the 5 mile distance since the Clonliffe 5 Mile in 2007. A PB seems almost assured which is never a bad way to start a season!

Lenihan’s Trail

I am very happy with the itinerary that my co-hosts and I have put together. Carrauntoohil is a classic run and I think the long run on the Kerry Way from Torc Waterfall to Kenmare will be the scenic highlight of the trip. We’ve got some technical stuff (yoga and speed drills) included as well and, of course, plenty of good food and, who knows, a drink or two! Finally, we got news of John Lenihan opening his new walking trail and after a quick phone-call John kindly agreed to take us out for a run on it before we all head back North on Monday.

Final laser?

Before heading off I managed to get another laser appointment to get a final health check on my remaining niggles. There was a little bit of fluid left in the troubled areas and still some calcification on my ankle, the last remnants of my tibialis injury at Brockagh 2010, which Dr. Leahy promptly blasted. Otherwise blood-flow looked healthy all-round and no tissue damage appeared on the scans.

The only curiosity is a lump of bone that has formed on the top of my first metatarsal (over the big toe). Dr. Leahy tried not to upset me by saying “I don’t want to call it arthritis but,” he paused, “well, it’s wear and tear, I’ll give it a zap.” This lump has become a real nuisance because I cannot wear my new Nike LunarElites. Sadly, the design of the shoe rubs against my new protrusion on the foot and makes it too uncomfortable too wear. Hopefully the laser will dissolve it and if not, perhaps I can do some cutting of the top of the shoes?

But worries aside, I should be firing on all cylinders for the weekend, for those readers joining me, I shall see you there, and for the rest I hope you have an equally enjoyable running (or, dare I say it, non-running weekend!). Reports from Kerry to follow…