DIARY: Another injury down…

Wednesday morning it was confirmed: The injury is officially gone. In return I had gotten a severe case of DOMS which still has not fully receded 72 hours later!

The culprit was the Lydiard Hill Circuit. As I was giving the session, I decided to join in and resume my training as planned (but on a reduced schedule). Plan was to do one circuit and jog the downhills rather than stride-out if there was any sign of trouble.

In the end it was quite the contrary with my second downhill 400m being run at 2:27min/km pace (it’s a pretty fast fire-road!) and the only sign of trouble was from the old breathing apparatus confirming that this is a hard session. Now it would be fairly useful to pull that kind of speed out of the bag at the end of a race but there’s a bit of work to do…

The Lydiard Foundation recommend that you only do one circuit the first time and then watch your reaction the next day. I decided to do two, like most of the group for whom this was their second week, going by how well I felt and the fact I have previous experience with this session. This was a minor mistake, as the weeks out of action clearly left my legs a bit defenseless, and had I stayed to one circuit I would not have been stiff-legged the entire week.

But not all ails are truly evil, in my stiffness has restricted me to a slow jog Wednesday and Friday with Thursday off, which is a good way to transition into the first full week back. I’m hoping to be able to do a second hill circuit tomorrow, but it all depends on whether my muscles are sufficiently recovered. Hammering downhill on fatigued legs is very unwise.


This blog has been fairly progressive in picking up trends such as Vibram FiveFingers and Garmin watches at a fairly early stage of their life-time in the Irish market, so mark my words when I say that “pre-hab” will become the next big buzzword used by both physios and gyms.

After my second session with Barry Solan at Medfit, I got my functional strength program for the first month (fixing my most dire mobility issues) which consists of a daily routine of “pre-hab” (basically self-massage with a foam-roller and fairly advanced specific stretches for my particular problem areas).

In addition, I get five exercise in a category called the “corrective block” all exercises targeted at getting me moving correctly where I am not. For the moment, all I need to focus on is this 25 minute routine once per day. Later this will increase to 50 minutes with a set of more advanced exercises.

Only once everything is functioning properly will Barry progress me to actual strength training.

Anyway, it’s great to be back, I picked the perfect weather to return to running and if my muscles recover I should be able to look forward to a nice hill run on Sunday.