DIARY: Post-Laser

So, another laser treatment done and this time the results are very positive from the start. Swelling is visibly reducing and both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of my foot causes noticeable less discomfort. I’ll consult with John tomorrow to determine the next steps but Dr. Leahy was very happy. “Blood flow to the area is already excellent and your body is taking all the steps needed to heal as it is,” the doctor explained during the scans. Once again, no sign of tissue or bone damage and there was no remaining sign of the shin-splints.

I’m reading a gold-mine of information in the shape of Tim Ferris’s “The 4-Hour Body” in the meantime and there’s material for a ton of blog-posts here so stay tuned for that. Some of it supplements nicely with my renewed interest in strength training which will be further peeked tomorrow when I meet Barry Solan for the first time.

I also held the first hill circuit session during the mid-week of the new season and as expected it garnered a much bigger crowd than the Glendalough session. We once again had perfect weather conditions and I can remember just one poor day last year so random chance is clearly on my side at the moment in regards to the sessions. I’ve refined the approach over winter and added some new tools to my tool-kit which I hope will benefit the attendees. The amazing thing about running and coaching is that the area is so wide and so complex that there is simply no way you could ever stop learning more. There is no saturation point where you know it all and so much is still uncharted and awaits further discovery.