TRAINING: Test Results

I received my test results today from Romain Denis of UCD and the results were very good stating “for any given speed your blood lactate profile has improved”. At speeds of 14kph and lower my lactate production is so low that I can basically continue exercise indefinitely from an energy perspective. At 15kph it is very close to this point and only at 16kph and upwards do I need to rely on reasonable amounts of glucose to help supply more energy.

Potential times

Energy-wise this means that I could run a 3:00:51 marathon without having any difficulty sustaining the pace and that 3-6 months specific work to bring the 15kph down from 2.8mmol/lactate to 2.2.mmol/lactate would allow energy supply to sustain 2:48:48. Other factors play in here obviously, so this is just the capability to sustain the energy required although it does also talk to the ability to maintain the speed in other ways.

VO2 Max

My Lydiard Training program has estimated my current VO2 max capability to 57.7ml/kg/minute and during the test I showed the ability to use 58.3ml/kg/minute showing I am currently a bit fitter than at the time of the half-marathon PB I ran last year.

The Lydiard program conservatively estimates that I will have raised my VO2 max to 58.08 by week 24 so I am well ahead of the program’s forecast. Tune-up races will help provide an even clearer picture of this.

At 19kph I was taking in 4.05 litres of oxygen per minute before exercise terminated. So currently I cannot run at speeds where I need to take in as much air as I am capable off as I have previously been measured drawing in 4.52 litres of oxygen per minute. So my real VO2 max is at least 65ml/kg/minute something I can increase to 70ml/kg/minute if I drop my weight down to the ideal racing weight of 65 kilos.


My haematocrit (ratio of red blood cells to blood volume) came in at 45% (for a normal range of 40-52%) so I won’t have WADA knocking on my door just yet and can be content with a nice decent rating here which will hopefully increase close to

Aerobic training basically has the same effects as altitude training is purported to have increasing red blood cell count. Altitude training just works quicker so for instance, whereas my ten weeks of training may lead to a spike around 47% within 1-2 months from now, altitude training may move me to 48-49% within a 3-4 weeks.

My maximal heart rate measured in somewhere above 192 which is consistent with the original figure of 198 measured. However, I have been unable to utilise these heart rate zones for a long while which may happen after sharpening training (e.g. none of the speeds I can physically run put that much pressure on my heart at this point).


All in all, extremely encouraging that there my conditioning has had exactly the hoped for effects which positions me very well to further improve it over the next 3-7 weeks and then improve the high-end speeds through my anaerobic and coordination work. Good foundation, stable house, now it is time to go build it.