DIARY: More sub-talar woes

My subtalar ankle sprain seems to have had a bit of an allergic reaction to yesterday’s run despite shortening it by almost a third. In hindsight, I should have pulled out after lap one, but it did not seem that severe at the time and nothing to suggest the very painful reaction I have had today.

The pain is hard to localise as you it seems to shot up from the ankle to the shin from the top of the foot. I cannot locate sore points anywhere except a bit around the actual ankle tendon that was sprained which leads me to think it is simply inflammation roaming around. Whenever I have had an ankle sprain in the past, the pain has been all over the place and masking, to an extent, the true source of the damage.

Neither icing, heating, stretching or resting the leg nor the Advil I take every four hours has done anything to alleviate discomfort so at this point, I just need to wait for Wednesday’s ultra-sound at the Laser Clinic and hope it can pinpoint the exact cause of the pain.

I am taking somewhat by surprise by the severity of the symptoms given I was cleared to return to running and there where no symptoms to suggest such a rapid deterioration. On the plus side, I have no swelling, no loss of mobility or ability to put pressure on the leg. So the main bogey-man could be a lump of fluid trapped between my subtalar joint and the shin.

Now this can be serious enough but I’ll resist temptation to self-diagnose it further until I have firmer facts. If it is simply inflammation I could be back to one hundred percent a few days after the laser surgery. If it is more complicated at least the ultrasound should tell me what it is.

After a record first six weeks of base training, this is a disappointing setback, but I have better facilities than ever to hang on to my fitness and being ahead of schedule means that as long as I can maintain the fitness gained and get myself in order before the start of the next training phase I should still be looking forward to a season of clear and definitive improvement.

There is also good prospects for the future. When we stopped yesterday after 22.5km I felt like I could easily have run double the distance and muscle soreness is at a minimum. I have a clear aim of being able to do two aerobic phases every year for the next decade with the mileage progressing slowly towards 100 miles.

While I am starting a bit late, I think it will take this long to fully see what I can achieve and I do not believe being forty-two at the time will be any impairment whatsoever. The muscular programs done are working slowly and as long as I keep following the advice of the experts I should eventually be able to tolerate the necessary punishment to run at a level that I want to achieve.

Running is a one-way street as far as I am concerned…