DIARY: Extensor Tendinitis?

Despite a smashing out and back run today meaning I still got the seven scheduled runs in for this “easy” week, I am monitoring my left foot closely. Sparks will still fly if I twist it strangely or if I press up my big toe aggressively.

I feel no discomfort while running since Wednesday, which is a positive sign, but decided to do a few tests nevertheless. I kept pressing everywhere on the foot looking for sore spots. As it proved, I’d been looking in the wrong place: the spot was neither on the big toe nor below the foot instead it was right on the left side of the extensor tendon running to the big toe about a centimetre behind the metatarsal (basically the slope of the valley behind but between the first and second metatarsal).

This points in the direction of a number of injuries, the most likely seemingly extensor tendinitis which is caused by too much stress on the tendons on the top of the foot but can also be from too tight shoes. I had one run where I had laced my runners poorly and by the time I corrected it my big toe felt irritated, so perhaps this is the cause.

I won’t speculate further but will treat it with ice and ibuprofen until I get a chance to speak to John on Monday. In the meantime, as I feel no adverse effects as long as I only run on the flat, I will continue according to plan but with “get-out” options build into my runs.