UPDATE: Upcoming December

Having finally broken free of the unofficial strike called by the Spanish air traffic controllers, Aoife and I managed to return home to Laragh where the community is largely paralyzed by the snow and just awaiting the retreat of winter’s cold hand before normal business can be resumed.

Besides this twenty-eight hour delay, we can look back on a great holiday, perfect for runners, which I’ll share in my “La Santa Diaries” entry later today where long-time readers will be surprised to hear the “mountain runner” try his hand in (wait for it…) biking and swimming!

I also soared through a number of books which I’ll talk to on these pages including “Running with Lydiard”, the late Leonard “Buddy” Edelen’s “A Cold Clear Day” and the epic-scale “Bowerman and the Men of Oregon”. More current, I will be posting my full review of the new “A Mountain Runners Guide to Snowdonia” by Jim Kelly.

Finally, I participated in both a back and a running workshop on Lanzarote which have given me some new insights and drills to go with the sessions i have been running for a while. These will make their way into next year’s series and I would like to talk to them here as I prepare to launch a dedicated information blog for the 2011 training group.