DIARY: Winter Wilderland

Glendalough is usually the nicest of locations and we count ourselves lucky to be living here, however, since returning from Lanzarote, we’ve found our reception here a bit frosty. We could only gather minimal provisions as we returned delayed by Spanish Air Traffic Controllers (the poor souls striking as they struggle on on their 250k to 1 million euro salaries, my heart bleeds…).

While we were gone the oil truck did not manage to make it’s way through, so our tank ran empty Sunday evening and the house has been freezing since. In the last day, things have improved a bit as we secured an electric radiator from the neighbours and are rationing our remaining sticks to heat up the sitting room every evening from after five.

If it’s the winter or just bad luck, I don’t know, but we’ve had a series of trouble-some breakages as we lost one oven and the freezer and yesterday the gas canister ran empty robbing us of our cooker. On the plus side the electric kettle and microwave still function and we've got two hot water bottles!

Aoife’s car has long been stuck at the house, but we counted on mine being an emergency ticket out as it is parked below the laneway. Much to my chagrin an attempt to move it this morning failed dismally: All four tyres are planted on what is now a solid ice sheet and the vehicle will not move an inch.

As for running, we find it’s one of the best ways to heat ourselves up midday and we usually go for a short lunch-time jog. The going is uneven here but not so icy as to be reckless. I’ve setup a Circuit Training set of 16 different exercises based on the EasyLine circuits I was introduced to in Lanzarote as well which I tried this morning and it worked a treat heating up the old bones.

Look out and you see an alabaster wonderland worthy of any portrait, but we’re anxiously awaiting the thaw here.