DIARY: La Santa Diaries– Overview

Club La Santa on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands was setup by the Danish priest Ejlif Krogager in 1978 and the club continues to be one-hundred percent in Danish hands and is run by Ejlif’s daughter and grandchildren these days.

The facilities are impressive with daily classes in aerobics, circuit training, stretch and relax, pilates, fitball, yoga and more. The site contains a full athletics track, 5-a-side soccer pitches, a leisure and an Olympic (50m) pool, comprehensive gym, several exercise rooms, a wellness centre, sports halls, basket and beach volley courts, a lagoon for windsurfing and kayaking, and the surrounding area is yours to roam on mountain or road bike.

Each day offers social morning runs and race events are on throughout the week of which I decided to do the 5k, the half-marathon, the aquathlon and the bike leg of a team triathlon as both a bit of training and a bit of fun.

I partook in a Running and a Back Workshop which gave me a new supply of drills but also confirmed that last year’s work on my calf and core strength has already made a terrific difference as I aced the workouts. We also did a Bleep Test which like the rest of these workshops are a topic upon themselves but suffice it to say I was last man standing but didn’t reach my goal of breaking the record score for the test for La Santa.

To give the interested reader an idea of the activities you can do, here’s an overview of how my week’s holiday looked:

  • Sat: 5k morning run (steady), yoga class, 5k road race
  • Sun: 5k morning run (steady), road bike 47k, EasyLine Circuit Class, Stretch and Relax session, Swim 500m
  • Mon: Pilates Reformer class, Stretch and Relax session, 3k run (warmup), aquathlon (200m swim, 2 mile run), Deep Water Aqua class, Back School
  • Tue: 1/2 marathon (race), EasyLine Circuit class, casual swim
  • Wed: Triathlon bike leg (15k), Running School and Bleep Test, 300m swim, easy kayak in lagoon, Off-Road run 8k (steady to hard)
  • Thu: Sea kayaking trip (12k), casual swim
  • Fri: Hill Run (12k ridge run), casual swim

The circuit classes were impressive and the exercises very appropriate to runners while the funniest class award went to the deep water aqua where you exercised by pressing flotation weights down below the water. Most useful class was the Pilates Reformer which provided an amazing workout and taught a lot of control as you were strapped into a machine that looks most of all like a torture rack.

My injury had sore moments after the workouts but always bounced back better and I return with it almost healed. I went with an objective to gain a quick fitness boost that would allow me to run one more good race (National Novice) before the winter break and after having been sore for a few days the body has bounced back feeling fitter and stronger than in a long time.

As for the races, I’ll recount those tales in the next instalment….