DIARY: Status report

Last week stood as a major step-up in terms of what I have been able to do since being diagnosed with osteitis pubis (the name just never grows better, but my latin improves for each injury).

Two fast sessions and a long run and five runs for the week showed both that I have regained significant fitness but also resilience to the injury. It also showed that it probably was just a bit too much as the core muscles flared up a bit. I started the week with two days rest to counter which has reduced the load and will continue focusing only on weight training this week with a few short jogs thrown in. This should be enough to maintain the fitness I have regained over the last few weeks and moving the inflammation levels back down again so we can start pushing for normality.

As an added plus, my weight management program continues apace with a further drop of 300g putting me down to 68.1, my lowest this year, but still off my best performance weight. This time I only had to sacrifice 30g of muscle to do so improving my body-fat percentage to 8.7%. Glad as I am of it, complacency cannot be allowed to creep into a sport where the elites recorded percentages of 2-4%. Work remains to be done…