DIARY: The Golden Cru…

On the blog I'd like to take the chance to extend a massive congratulations to my club-mates who won the Dublin Intermediates while myself and Jason were tearing up Galway town at his Stag Do (while I've been known to advocate a return to polygamy in my nostalgic moments, it would not do as too many racing and training weekends would be lost!).

When I joined Crusaders in 2007 one of my main reasons for doing so was a feeling that it was a "sleeping giant", an old traditional club fallen on somewhat hard times but with the potential to grow back and there's been plenty of signs in recent years of this belief being not entirely unjustified. That we were never a traditional cross-country club just adds to the achievement and the joy felt by everyone in the club to have made a mark on the Dublin competitions this year.

I don't think anyone is under any illusions of the task ahead in catching up to the likes of Clonliffe, Raheny and Rathfarnham (and we must not forget the current level of athletes in clubs such as Donore and DSD either). Only on the track have Crusaders consistently performed at a similar level as these clubs and no club with a great tradition should not be attempting to step permanently back on that playing field.

So from side, congratulations to our head-coach Michael and the team and for the club officials who are starting to build some really strong foundations for the future. I for one always enjoy pulling on the club vest and hope to get more chances to be part of this in the future as my improved grasp of my own training will hopefully lead to less time on the side-lines and more time huddled in a bunch of white and red singlets on the field of battle that is cross-country.