DIARY: Post-Novices

The damage report after yesterday's injury-defying stunt of showing up in the Novices are mixed. I expected symptoms to be suitably ambiguous and so it has transpired: The usual stiffness in the lower abs have not recurred yet, my adductors have been worse earlier in the injury-cycle whilst my right hip flexor on the other hand is both sore and visible swollen.
My legs are overall quite battered which is to be expected when racing without training; the race certainly proved a great workout.
Running back at a maximal effort made the gamble worthwhile on balance too: It is good to be able to push fully to the pain threshold again. The fire has been fully restored and now I can but await a clean bill of health so I can continue my Lydiard training. This year has been a very instructive: Arthur spend nine years from the age of 28 focused on experimeting with this training and racing rarely in order to perfect his formula. As Nobby advised me on the Lydiard Foundation forums, it is not realistic to perfect my training approach in one season, it takes trial and error.