DIARY: More on Osteitis

“Dear Diary, what I learned from my time with Osteitis Pubis…”, is probably how this blog entry should start. For fellow or future sufferers of this injury, I say this: As injuries go, Osteitis acts very unpredictably, after a few runs and then my toughest physio session the pain shifted from the right side to the left and increased in severity. After two days of doing nothing, all symptoms in the abdominal area were largely gone (only pain-points could be find in the hip flexors if I “went digging” for them) and instead the remaining inflammation seemed to settle nicely along the adductors.

I’m seeing John at some stage this week to get an assessment of the progress and this should prove interesting.

I joined Aoife for her scheduled session in Avondale (me plodding, her working) and we ran into Hugh Kinsella a fellow sufferer from Snowdon 2008. The run itself was promising, my glutes kicked in better than ever before during the running stride but tired after about 4km leaving me to revert to standard, less-than-ideal, form. Nevertheless, they should get stronger as I continue my physio’s program and clearly the drills are working in helping the activation of this area. If I had been in doubt I need only listen to the aches coming from the previously underused muscle!

For every day that passes, I get the feeling John will be proven correct in his assessment of mid-December as the date for full recovery. While progress is noticeable, it occurs very slowly and it picturing myself contesting the Leinster Novices on Sunday requires a miracle leaving me to focus on my coaching duties with Aoife.

Aerobic fitness seems to be largely retained at this point, even yesterday I felt like I could have run all day at the easy pace despite what now amounts to ten interrupted weeks (it feels like little, so hard to fathom it’s a fifth of the year gone). The higher zones are likely gone, however, but I will try and squeeze in one or two easy races end-of-season if the body allows just so I don’t enter the base building in January in a plodding state the way it has occurred in 2008 and 2009.