PREVIEWS: Inov-8 X-Talon 190

While in England I had a look at some of the new Inov-8 shoes and several caught my liking firstly the new X-Talon 190. Being 22 grams lighter than the previous "lightest fell-running shoe in the world", Inov-8 are finally closing the gap on light road racing shoes (several of which are in the 150-190g range).

I've ordered this in the hope of breaking it in as my racer of choice next season and get rid of the heavy Trailfox and Kanadia I have had to use this year in lack of a better option.

Inov-8 isn't finished though, they showcased a prototype of their new "BareGrip" (due out next year), a shoe without a midsole to mimic barefoot running. MST reviewed it recently and so did Terry Conway and should one form an opinion based on these reviews it could only be positive, certainly for a barefoot enthusiast. With 200g under the helm, it likewise favours those among us who struggle with bricks strapped to our feet.

The Pete Bland Sports employee I talked to in England told me they'd start stocking the Bare-Grip early in the new year. If you feel you need more info, just Google inov-8 Bare-Grip and you'll get a host of internet reviews of the new shoe. Oh, and while you are at it have a read of Inov-8s attempt to go even more minimalistic than Vibram's FiveFinger range with their new EvoSkin. A poster called them "condoms for the feet", they don't sound like being far wrong...

Finally, the O-ROC range had my curiousity alarm ringing high from the moment I nodded impressed at the sleek design to paying special attention to the small metal pin inside each stud. This would be an ideal companion if we have another Baltic winter here in Ireland where such a shoe at least could grip through thinner ice-sheets and allow one faster progress.


Adam Jacobs said…
Condoms for the feet? that sounds funny! I can't wait for this product to be released in the market. I have both Vibram and Inov 8 and they're great. The feeling is phenomenon, very light and comfy to wear. As soon as Talon 109 hits the market, I will definitely going to buy one.

By the way, here's a link to other Inov - 8 products which I found online. Click here
Anonymous said…
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