DIARY: Holiday is over

I've made a return from holidays in Denmark. It's been a year since I last saw my family so it was about time and our traditional roots and folk festival can't be beaten as a place to catch up with friends and kin (and foe!).

A nasty stomach bug decided to join me but the beer intake and Immodium kept me somehow afloat although my health was starting to seriously wane by Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, myself and Aoife were mostly dead. I hadn't planned to do much running which was probably a good thing as it held true. A run in the local Soldier's Forest and a short beach run on the Tuesday on the North Sea island of Romo was all the training done.

Coming home the bug had just about drained the life out of me but the doctor was quick to prescribe antibiotics which have worked. After two sick days in the house, the infection seems to be stopped and my body returning to normal. All I've got left is a nasty sore throat but I'm hoping to resume running this weekend and then chug out two monster weeks this coming fortnight before going into quality training for cross-country.

The greatest challenge will be getting the enthusiasm back. My fire for running has stopped burning and at the moment I'm just slogging out the miles out of a sense of duty. I may need a goal to be really excited about...