RACES: Rydal Round Results

Finally got the results of the Rydal Round which went up on the FRA website before they made it on the Ambleside Sports website.

Both myself and Aoife are about seven to eight minutes off our times recorded on our watches (Aoife recorded 1:45 for herself and is listed as 1:51, I recorded 1:35 and am listed as 1:44). How this can come to be I'm not quite sure, perhaps both our GPS has similar outage periods (should still not have affected the time but alas) but our results are as expected at least, me finishing 37th (chasing in a Keswick AC runner which is always good) and Aoife 59th. 122 ran off which 80 managed to break the 2 hours for the Horseshoe.

The winner's time of 81:40 is around 4 minutes outside the course record but he still had a good gap on second man. Clearly, though, the course is a lot slower than Snowdon as winner Alaister Dunn has won many races in England and has beaten Ian Holmes on occasion over the last few years. Given Ian's still capable of breaking 70 minutes for Snowdon, I would estimate the Rydal Round could be about 10-15 minutes slower for most runner depending on their particular strengths and weaknesses.

This probably means the organisers timing must be correct (although or timings remain a mystery) but the result still stands as a satisfying time considering the above.

Another interesting anecdote: The top-9 where all "young men" from the open category but from tenth onwards there is a heap of O40 and O50 confirming the trend we see in Ireland that hill-running has developed into an older man's sport. Every second runner about 15 spots ahead of me was over 40 or 50. Sixteen of the next twenty were likewise!