TRAINING: The Last Race – Then Snowdon

Tomorrow I have made a slight change in plan and will focus my attention on the BHAA 5k in Irishtown (home turf) instead of the Graded Meet in Santry. This will be a final attempt to assault the 18-minute barrier this summer. My stretch goal is 17:30 with anything under 18-minutes being satisfactory. My current PB stands at 18:16 lowered from the 18:45 set last year, but I believe I can run faster right now.

5k versus 3k

At Santry I survived first a 3000m in 3:23min/km pace and then, with little break, a 1500m in 3:20min/km pace. I believe 3:30min/km pace should definitely be achievable tomorrow. The key, however, will be to race the clock and not the competitors, so I must free myself early and then just execute solid twenty-one second 200s like clockwork.

Camaderry Trial

I had a good trial on Camaderry this weekend. My 8km (from the Visitor centre) run to the second summit took 56:01 which is an improvement of four minutes and three seconds on my time there in April. Using the Relative Power metric (much more on that later) for measuring uphill performance I generated 2.4 Watt/Kg of body-weight running every step of the way at half-marathon effort. (actually, I did have to take three quick steps over some rocks).

The Camaderry climb is 8000m long with 621m climb and a gradient of 7.8%. Snowdon is 7600m long with 968m climb and a gradient of 12.7% (Lugnacoille is 5260m long, with 699m ascent and a 13.3% gradient).

At Snowdon, I’ll need to generate around 3.2 Watt/kg to ascend in the 55-minutes I believe are required to break 85 minutes. This is achievable: At Lugnacoille last year I produced 2.8 W/kg and then went on to produce 3.0 W/kg at Snowdon for a 58:45 summit. What did I produce at Lugnacoille this year? Well, 3.0 W/kg showing that a similar improvement from Lug to Snowdon this year will see me finish my hill running season with another blue-ribbon performance.

The numbers are good, now everything just needs to add up on race day. I will need my absolute best performance of all times on Snowdon to do it, but history supports me. Both in 2007 and 2009, I recorded my strongest climb of the year at Snowdon, so why not third time lucky too?