RACES: BHAA 5K - Quick Report

It's too late to write much on the BHAA 5k race that took place at Irishtown this evening so I'll follow up with a full report tomorrow.

I have to share my joy, however, that despite the organisers making a mess of the distance (myself and James Shiggins clocked it at 4.71km and the course record was blown away as a result), tonight disproved all doubts in my program as I covered the distance in 16:44 speeding up the entire way towards the end and finishing with more juice in the tank.

My usual advanced calculations to the rescue, the worst scenario (e.g. a complete blow-up) on the last 290m have me finishing in 17:44 whereas a more realistic finish has 17:29. This doesn't take into account that I only realised it was time to sprint with 100m to go as I was preparing for a second lap of the track.

So I claim my reward: I consider 17:30 broken (although I'll have to come back and make it official in autumn) bringing my down to a TPL 22 (the best yet). The training has been vindicated (I'll talk more about why later), and the train is now moving. Next target will be 17:15 which will mean a comfortable sub-80 minute half-marathon (also my next target).

Great night, pity the finish line moment of triumph was ruined by the realisation that the race distance was all wrong...